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Public Works will be picking up leaves beginning on October 9 and continuing until December 4th.  Check the website daily for updates as to where the crew expects to be each day.





WINTER WEATHER INFORMATION as many of you may not like it, the winter weather will soon be upon us.  Please review the following information relative to snow and ice clean up: Snow Emergency:   will be declared by the Mayor when a snow fall of 4″ or more is predicted.  Vehicle parking will be as follows: Parking will be allowed on the odd side of the street when days of the month are an odd number.  Parking  on the even side of the streets will be allowed when days of the month are an even number.  The Borough will use media to inform the residents of this declaration and enforcement will be dealt with for those defying the parking practice. Winter Emergency:  Will be declared by the on duty police officer when show fall accumulations on Borough Streets require the snow removal by loaders and trucks to assure the basic services of police, fire, ambulance, and future plowing.  This will be done on a street by street evaluation by patrolling police and Public Works employees. Closing Sidewalks: Should snow fall levels exceed the capabilities of the Borough to remove it by trucking, the Borough will, if capable, push snow volumes on the sidewalks of the streets to maintain them staying open.  Efforts to post sidewalk closings will be done by temporary means. Winter Emergency Plan:  This option is planned when a great number of streets are under the Winter Emergency Plan and days to weeks may pass before getting to them: Meadow Street (West) Sherwood (either) Bastian Avenue (either) East First Avenue (South) 500 Block of West Second Avenue (North) Stanton Street (West) 500 Block of East Second Avenue (South) Forrest Street (West) Driveway Openings:  The Borough, like most every community, must plow snow to the side of each street  to clear it of snow.  Because of this, driveways, walkways, fire hydrants, catch basins and street corners are covered by the snow.  The Borough will ONLY reopen driveways if they replow them shut 96 hours (4 days) after the end of the last plowable snowfall.  Residents SHOULD NOT HAVE DRIVEWAYS OPENED TILL THE SNOW HAS STOPPED AND ACCUMULATION HAS BEEN PLOWED AS CLOSE TO CURBS AS POSSIBLE. BOROUGH RESOURCES will be spent plowing in the following order: Borough streets Borough alleys Sidewalks of Borough property and bridges Cinder dirt streets and alleys should they need it Remove snow from street corners to assist traffic and pedestrians and/or open drainage inlets should forecast call for the need, or haul snow from streets that are placed on the winter emergency list.