Paws Park






Friends of Paws Park, a group of dedicated and enthusiastic area citizens, have raised funds to create an off-leash dog park at the South Williamsport Community Park Complex.The Dog Park is located at the western end of the Park Complex, to the west of the pool. There is a area for large dogs and one for small dogs. Please remember to clean up after your dog. Paws Park is open during the summer months and is closed for the winter from January 1st until the first Saturday in April of each year.

Please see their website for more information and to donate to keep the park up and running!



The Annual “Doggone Craft & Vendor fair”
South Williamsport K9 Unit & paws park off leash dog park


The Friends of PAWS PARK hosts an annual DOGGONE Craft & Vendor Fair which benefits both the South Williamsport Police K9 Unit and the PAWS PARK off Leash Dog Park. This event takes place in May annually (see our events page or visit Paws Park website for actual date) from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the South Williamsport Community Park in South Williamsport, PA.

The South Williamsport K9 Unit was put in to action in December of 2011. This unit greatly assists local police forces and helps keep our local communities safe. Proceeds from this event will help pay for upkeep and future training programs for K9 Officer Dany .

PAWS PARK off Leash Dog Park was opened November 1, 2009 and is a beneficial recreation for responsible dog owners and their pets. PAWS PARK provides a safe enclosure in which the dogs can exercise and socialize. The proceeds from this event will help pay for upkeep and supplies.

The Annual Craft and Vendor Fair boasts over 80 various Craft & Food Vendors on site. In addition, the South Williamsport Police K9 Unit and other K9 related demos are done at various times during the day with Q&A afterwards.   A Chinese Auction is held each year at which many items are on display for bidding.

Music is provided by a DJ as well as a Face Painting booth for the kids!! This is a PET friendly and family friendly event!! Please be sure to have your best buddy(ies) on a six foot leash and please clean up after them! Hope to see you there!!

For a list of currently registered vendors, visit out face book event page by searching DOGGONE Craft & Vendor Fair (year), the page with the picture of K9 Officer Dany and the PAWS PARK sign!!