Annual Voting Contests (Beginning Spring 2022)

South Williamsport takes pride in its community.  Our residents have a great sense of community spirit.  In keeping with that community spirit, Borough Council would like to invite all residents to participate in our Spring and Summer home pride contests.  We know our citizens are excited about South Williamsport’s beauty; we encourage you to take a leisurely ride through the borough and cast your vote!

Annual Spring Contest: Comeback Kid Award

Spring is a time of rebirth, growth, and expansion.  In keeping with this theme, Council would like to award the owners of a home that has been transformed through remodeling and home improvements.  Cast your vote below for the most transformed home.  Votes can be cast from March 20th, 2022 through June 21th, 2022.  You can view previous winners of the Comeback Kid Award here.

Voting for the Comeback Kid Award is currently closed.

Annual Summer Contest: Grand Champion Award

The Grand Champion Award is given out to the owner of a home that has an overall lovely appearance with curb appeal.  This award is given annually, and all homes in South Williamsport are eligible for the award, including rentals and privately owned homes of any size!  Fill out the form below to vote for the house you think should be the Grand Champion!  Votes can be cast from June 22st, 2022 through September 22nd, 2022.  You can view previous winners of the Grand Champion Award here.

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