South Williamsport Police Department

331 West Southern Avenue, South Williamsport, PA 17702
(570) 327-8152   General Office Hours:  8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

County Non Emergency Phone Number:  (570) 433-4360 to be used for non emergencies

Public Safety Director

Steven Cappelli, Ext 101

Officer Norman Hager – Assistant to the Public Safety Director, Ext 213


Administrative Assistant

Natalie Taylor, Ext. 200


Cpl. Carl Finnerty

Detective/Sgt. James Taylor (Criminal Investigations)

Officer Devin Thompson (Criminal Investigations)

Officer Michael Samar (SWASD Resource Officer)

Officer Jacob Summers

Officer William MacInnis

Officer Daniel Boyd

Officer Seth Stropp

Officer Gareck Esposito

                                                RESERVE OFFICERS

                                                    Officer Kevin Grant

                                             Officer Antonio Blackson

Prescription Drop Off Center

Drop off any of your old prescription drugs in our prescription drop box.  Expired medications can be brought in and placed in the bin in the lobby.  Liquid prescriptions must be placed in a ziplock bag to prevent leakage.  Likewise, loose pills should also be placed in a ziplock bag.  Any medications left in pill bottles can be brought in with labels on.


All prescriptions will be sent to an incinerator protecting personal information.   No needles or sealed canisters such as inhalers are permitted.

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