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Infrastructure Replacement & Repair Insurance

Did you know that you can purchase insurance to cover the replacement/repair of infrastructure such as water and sewer laterals, and indoor plumbing?

For information on this insurance through HomeServe USA click here.


The Borough is home to three parks: The Central Avenue Park Complex, the W. Second Avenue playground, and the Louie Mack Park/Playground on Riverside Drive. The public is encouraged to visit our Park Complex at 545 E. Central Avenue.

    • Pavilions are available for rent (see Parks/Rec for more information)
    • There are numerous ball fields and soccer fields located at the complex
    • The dog park is located on the western side of the complex (see Parks/Rec for more information)
    • The Riverwalk Senior Center is located on the western side of the complex with easy access to the Riverwalk and the Fitness Trail (see Parks/Rec for more information)
    • Fitness trail along the walking path located on the western side of the complex
    • The Riverwalk provides a paved path for walking, biking, running, and skating. It is located along the Susquehanna River on both the City of Williamsport side and the South Williamsport Borough side. In addition, it is conveniently located to the heart of downtown Williamsport.

Practices for Winter Snowfalls When a Snow Emergency is Not Declared

Snow Emergency:  A snow emergency may be declared by the Mayor when a snow fall is 4” or more.  Vehicle parking will be as follows:  Parking will be allowed on the odd side of the street when days of the month are an odd number.  Parking on the even side of the streets will be allowed when days of the month are an even number.  The Borough will use media to inform the residents of this declaration and enforcement will be dealt with for those defying the parking practice. 

Vehicle Parking:  If possible for residents with off street parking, park off the road in your driveway.  In the case of residents with steep driveways or multiple vehicles, park at the mouth of the driveway.  In the cul-de-sacs which are difficult enough to plow with vehicles parked in them; park all vehicles off the roadway.  Many cul-de-sacs have little room to maneuver and have little room to put the snow as it is. If your vehicle is parked in the roadway during a snow removal operation, our drivers will notify the superintendent and then the police department will be notified. It could be several hours or even a day before a driver will return to clean the roadway where a vehicle was parked.  Our drivers will appreciate your attention to this matter.

Mailboxes: Please check the condition and position of your mailbox. A mailbox is not permitted to extend over the edge of the roadway. Accidents do happen and if your mailbox is damaged during a plowing operation, please notify the borough as soon as possible and a representative will look at it. If your mailbox is hit by snow and not the plow, it is not the Borough’s responsibility.

Driveways: SW Borough receives complaints that our drivers plowed their driveways closed after they spent hours shoveling their driveway.  Listed below are suggestions for residents:

    • Wait until all plowing operations have ceased before shoveling your driveway
    • When shoveling your driveway, shovel 10’ to the approaching side of the driveway. This allows unloading of snow before the plow reaches the driveway and limits the amount of snow being put in the
    • When shoveling your driveway, leave the last 3’-4’ of snow covered until the plowing operation ceases. This will allow the snow being pushed back to remain on the plow and not in the freshly shoveled
    • Residents are not permitted to shovel or push snow into the roadway. This causes a hazard for the traveling public and our drivers.

Above all, we ask that our residents be patient with us. If you have a problem, please don’t hesitate to call the borough office. The office is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays.  Please leave your name, phone number, and the nature of your problem.

Water and Sewer

The South Williamsport Borough provides sewer utility service to its residents.

Sewer billing and collection is provided by Lycoming County Water & Sewer Authority (LCWSA). For current sewer rates or questions please contact the Borough Office at: 570-322-0158 or LCWSA at: 1-877-546-8005

Water Utility service is provided by The Williamsport Municipal Water Authority (WMWA). For information on service or rates, please contact WMWA at: 570-323-6148

Yard Sale Permits

A permit is needed in order for a resident to have a yard sale.  There is no charge for the permit and it can be obtained at the Borough office.



Yard Refuse Disposal

Mulch Area is located at the eastern most end of West Second Avenue.

    • Residents may drop off yard waste and branches that are 2” in diameter or less.  No grass or sod is permitted.
    • Area is locked – key required. Key can be obtained at the Borough office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.
    • No charge for the key
    • Key must be returned within 5 days
    • After hours dropbox is located next to the office door at Borough Hall.
    • If not returned within 5 days, a $50 penalty is imposed
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